Google Chrome Extensions

The Google Chrome web browser provides the ability to add custom tools, called Chrome Extensions, to enhance the behaviour of the web browser. These can be installed from the Chrome Web Store, where developers can submit their own apps and extensions.


The following extensions have been completed and can be installed from the Chrome Web Store.

Link Finder

Link Finder Icon This extension finds links on a page and groups them by the file’s extension. More info

In Development

The following extensions are in development and will be released on the Chrome Web Store once they are complete.

No extensions in development right now.


The following extensions are just ideas in my head and will be developed at some point. If there is a substantial interest in any of the planned extensions (indicated by the comments below), it will probably be developed sooner! If you have any ideas for extensions, leave a comment below and I will think about it!


Use the familiar Microsoft Office shortcuts to type accented characters on web forms.

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